Costa Smeralda

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Explore the beauties of the Costa Smeralda, it will feel like being in paradise.

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda represents one of the most developed areas of the precious Sardinia, one of the most beloved destinations for an ever-increasing flow of tourists worldwide.

When you get to this enchanting place, it’s impossible not to be dazzled by the range of colors, among crystal clear waters, thick woods, granite rocks, miles of beaches, and desert dunes.

The history of this area, which starts from the golf of Arzachena to the Cugnana one, is strictly linked to the Muslim prince Karim Aga Khan, who came to visit here, ended up falling madly in love with this unspoiled part of the coast and quickly decided to buy it in 1962, establishing the “Consorzio Della Costa Smeralda”.

This event determined the glorious growth of this part of the cost from the 80’s up to the present day.

Costa Smeralda is the best solution for those who want to combine worldliness and indomitable nature. It offers most of the most beautiful beaches of the Italian peninsula and a lot of opportunities to discover the riches of the hinterland, paths dotted with colorful flowers, shrubs, myrtles, junipers, and Mediterranean scrub, without precluding the possibility of crossing along the way hares or hawks pilgrims.

In the surrounding area sprout various interesting archaeological areas such as the necropolis of Li Muri (in the territory of Arzachena), dating from the second half of the fourth millennium BC, the Nuragic complexes of Malchittu and Albucciu, which includes nuraghe, Tomb of the giants and village of huts.

The heart of this place is represented by the renowned Porto Cervo, the beating heart of the area which invites you to enjoy good food, shopping, and a gentle and carefree lifestyle.