Sell your property

Sell your property

The power of exclusivity. The exclusive BARNES mandate guarantees you a customised approach, full control over the image of your property, optimisation of its dissemination and maximisation of its sale price.

Do you want to sell your villa but don’t know where to start? Entrust your property to us at Barnes Porto Cervo with exclusive mandate. You can ensure a personalized, tailored and transparent approach that gives you complete control of your property’s image.
By choosing the exclusive BARNES mandate, you will have access to a complete range of services designed to make the most of your property.

BARNES understands that each property is unique and wishes to highlight its exceptional features and qualities to attract the right buyers. We will be able to sell your villa quickly and in close contact with you, creating a personalized marketing strategy in line with your objectives and needs.

BARNES Porto Cervo will present your property in a way that reflects its true value and attracts potential buyers. This personalized approach ensures your property stands out from the competition and attracts serious inquiries from interested potential buyers.
By leveraging the company’s vast network of international contacts and our experience in the real estate market, we will be able to identify the most suitable buyers. Through strategic marketing, which includes online and offline channels, we ensure that your property reaches the right audience, increasing the chances of selling your villa.
Furthermore, the exclusive mandate aims to maximize the selling price of your property. BARNES’ team of experienced professionals conducts an in-depth market analysis and evaluates the unique characteristics of your property to determine its optimal value. Using their knowledge of market trends and buyer preferences, they strive to achieve the highest possible sales price, resulting in a favorable outcome for you as a seller.
Choose BARNES for a complete and tailor-made approach, sell your villa and exploit its true potential.

How we want to sell your villa

  • Personalized sending to all potential buyers interested in our portfolio.
  • Building on BARNES synergies: Every year, 20% of our sales (e.g. 1 sale in 5) are reached with buyers referred by the different agencies in our integrated network.

sell your property